Anthony Tanner – Digital Marketer (Hired Gun Era)

Over the past two decades, I've been the marketing and technology secret weapon for some of the fastest growing businesses in the U.S.

Now I'm turning ALL my attention toward helping attorneys use digital marketing to attract their best clients.

Here's what led to that shift, and why it's so important...

I started my first award-winning digital agency back in 1995. I've served Fortune 500 and Inc 500 firms such as Honeywell, Polaris, U.S. Bank and others, as well as venture-backed dotcoms, national non-profits, local government, and hundreds of other businesses including law firms.

So I've been helping attorneys with their websites and online marketing for quite some time, yet it wasn't my exclusive focus.

By 1999, my digital agency was already recognized for our innovative projects and strategies. Incidentally, there was a nice article about it in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Sunday, August 22, 1999 titled "Entrepreneurs are snaring profits with Worldwide Web."

For years, I applied my craft to a variety of fast-paced industries. While most of the strategies I picked up and developed work exceptionally well for attorneys, they are virtually nonexistent in the legal industry today.

Fast-forward to 2012 when ecommerce required the most advanced blend of technology and innovative marketing, and you would find me there...

I took over the full technology and marketing for a client Inc. Magazine had ranked the 2nd fastest growing retailer in the U.S., and more than doubled their sales at breakneck speed.

I loved my work, but I was beginning to feel like a hired gun without any real mission or cause.

That all changed in 2013 when an unexpected call led to turning my entire attention toward serving attorneys and law firms.

If you feel like your website and marketing efforts are underperforming, you are not alone. In the legal industry, that's the standard!

Here's how the call went and why I'm 100% committed to raising the bar for attorney web design and online marketing...

The Call And The State Of Attorney Marketing

In November 2013, a long-time marketing colleague called to ask if I could help one of his law firm clients.

The firm had invested over 6-figures to redesign their website with a reputable agency that left them in bad shape.

Their new site looked dated before it was even launched, and the user experience was awful. The firm's search engine rankings had declined to almost nothing. Their PPC advertising campaigns with Google and Bing were all but hijacked. Google had even shut down the firm's local listings. The story kept getting worse as we dug deeper...

Rest assured, my team and I redesigned the firm's website. We helped them generate record-breaking lead volume. We also delivered the lowest marketing and advertising cost-per-client than any time in the last decade. Their PPC campaigns are completely under control, and today they dominate search rankings in their market. We've been working with the firm for five years now, and the results keep climbing year-after-year.

But what about other attorneys?

Shortly after that call in 2013, I had my team investigate the entire industry.

We reviewed over 650 attorney websites throughout the nation. We also reviewed the offerings and work of prominent web and marketing vendors in the legal space.

We found the state of attorney marketing to be appalling.

The bar is set so low for legal marketing, that mediocre work is considered above average.

Meanwhile, attorneys are left suffering with:
  • Websites that use the same rough design, technologies, and messaging as most of their competitors
  • Marketing approaches that waste enormous time and money
  • No marketing funnels or coordinated campaigns
  • Questionable approaches to search engine rankings that could get their websites banned
  • Zero marketing strategy and so many other issues

When it comes to their marketing, most attorneys are simply spinning their wheels and burning their money...

Which is CRAZY because good marketing pays for itself.

That law firm client I mentioned above saw a 654% ROI from our work. So we generated over 6 times more for them in client fees than they invested with us.

I decided I would make it my personal mission to turn things around in the legal industry.

Here's how I'm raising the bar for attorney marketing...

Raising The Bar For Attorney Marketing

While I can't personally assist every attorney with their marketing challenges, I can help them in several ways.

As of March 2019, I'm publishing several dozen free videos to enlighten attorneys about how to address their toughest marketing challenges.

Attorneys will discover how to market the right way and how to know when they are being served well by the vendors they hire.

The videos are going live on Facebook and YouTube and I'm sharing some of them on my websites.

I'm also delivering occasional webinars and free training series.

If you're an attorney who's struggling to stand out, get seen and remembered, or attract more of your best clients you should definitely check out those videos and other resources.

If you'd like a massive shortcut, there are two possible ways you may be able to work with me directly...


Working with my agency means hitting the ground running, achieving quick wins, and constantly building on your success.

Sterling Talon's unique digital marketing programs are unlike anything the legal industry has seen before.

That's why your competition will not see us coming...

And we're relentless. We never stop working on your behalf, and we're always adjusting to improve your results.

We handle everything for you from branding and messaging, to web design and technology, to search, content, and social channels, to landing pages, marketing funnels, email campaigns, and more.

It's all part of a seamless strategy that we customize and implement for you month-after-month. That's how we achieve record-breaking success for our clients.

Yet, this isn't for everyone...

Our agency works with law firms that can allocate a 6-figure+ marketing budget.

Due to our exclusivity and processes, we only seek long-term relationships. When we work with you, we're essentially saying "No" to all other firms in your market.

Keep in mind, we only take on a few clients per quarter. Our business model requires that we know your practice, your market, and your competition deeply to maximize your success.

If you are interested in having me work with you directly to build and implement your marketing strategy, let's schedule a 15-minute discovery call to verify availability and see if we are a good fit for your needs.

Schedule a Client Acceleration Call


Participating in my mastermind means getting the step-by-step, expert guidance and peer support you need to grow faster.

With Attorney War Room, there's no more guessing how to stand out, build your brand, and attract more clients.

Myself, subject-matter experts I invite, and a small group of your non- competing peers, will help you with your marketing strategy and action plan.

We're going to take a deep dive into your specific situation, and guide you every step of the way.

We'll schedule online meetings / calls twice a month. One of the monthly sessions is focused on training for a specific step in your action plan. In the other session, group members share their top challenges, and we'll provide guidance to help them move forward.

All calls are recorded for reference and easy future access in case you can't make a call.

Our group operates in a "cone of silence". Everything said or shared in the group...stays in the group. It's completely confidential.

Together, we're like your personal board of directors. Your success is our only goal and top priority. Best of all, it's the only way to work with me that doesn't require a 6-figure investment.

It's a one-year program at $2K per month or $20K total if paid in two or fewer installments.

This exclusive mastermind is kicking off shortly, and will intentionally be kept to a small group. If you'd like to participate, apply below.

Don't miss this, because once the button below is removed or disabled, the program won't be opening again for at least a year.

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